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tannahill reay

We are visual communication specialists creating high end content to help you thrive

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What we do



Your ideas brought to life, the pinnacle of visualisation

Computer generated bedroom
robotic submarine


A powerful tool with which we use motion to captivate your audience and to add a sense of visual emotion and movement to your content 

Virtual Reality

Expose your senses to a full virtual environment, where you can interact and explore in a virtual world. Providing Virtual Reality content to the likes of Costa Coffee, Sellafield, Royal Dutch Shell and United Nations (UN) to name a few

costa coffee virtual reality project
Interserve greater manchester hospital

4D/5D Phasing

Adding fourth and fifth dimensions to 3D, time and cost. We use this technique to create construction or demolition sequencing to visualise your project's life-cycle

Connecting Dots

Work with us

Below are a few of the many companies we have been proud to work with and continue to do so. We can help you to rival your competition and help your business stand out from the crowd